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garage door sensor repair simi valley ca The garage door sensor is one of the most complicated, and important, pieces of engineering in your garage door system.

Its function is to protect the weight of the garage door from colliding with anything in its path. This includes you, your family and your property.

The sensors provide this buffer of safety by having the ability to sense objects that are directly in the path of the garage door, and electronically stop the garage door from descending. Call us today for your garage door sensor repair simi valley. We give honest and upfront pricing with no service fees. All Simi Valley Pro Garage Door Repair technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.

Where’s the Fault?

Sensor problems generally have to do with the sensor’s alignment. A sensor that is not aligned properly with the sensor on the opposite side of the garage door frame will send a faulty message to the garage door motor.

This will cause the motor to keep the garage door in the raised position. This fault caused by the sensor is actually the sensor performing in the way that it was designed to perform. The ‘fault’ is actually the safety measure. It may be performing its job as designed, but it can still be a huge inconvenience to you if you can’t keep your garage door closed.

Rely on Experts

In the event that alignment is not the problem, then your problem is likely an electrical issue with the sensor itself. The electronic chain in a garage door system includes both the garage door motor that raises and lowers the garage door, and the garage door opener.

Whether you have an alignment problem or a fault in your electronic chain, any problems with sensors are problems that should be handled by qualified garage door technicians with electronic knowledge and experience. Electronic keypad & Lock.

Simi Valley Pro Garage Door Repair has the technical skills and experience to repair or replace any garage door sensor on the market. Call them to today and arrange for them to make a same-day visit to you, and quickly correct your sensor problem.

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