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 garage door keypads simi valley caHome owners are always on the lookout for any edge they can get to insure the safety and security of their home, family and valuables. Simi Valley Pro Garage Door Repair has recognized this concern, and they are offering a selection of electronic keypads and locks to address the issue. We match or beat ANY competitors price and coupons and money saving options, and accept ALL competitors coupons for garage door keypads simi valley. Never an extra charge for weekends or holidays. Phone us now!

Electronic Keypads for Family Access

Electronic keypads have proven to be immensely popular for the easy, individual access as well as for the security they provide.

This popularity comes from the versatility in access that an electronic keypad gives to members of the household besides the driver of the cars that are stored in the garage. This has to do with the fact that the electric garage door opener has been taken out of the equation with the electronic keypad, and everyone is content to leave it in the car.

By using the programmable keypad instead, multiple members of the household can access the garage whenever they want to, without being tied to the use of the garage door opener.

Using the externally-mounted, contemporary-styled electronic keypad, the members of the household can input their own individually programmed codes into the keypad. House guests can also be supplied with their own code, one that can be changed after they leave.

Strong Locks for Safety and Security

The use of manual locks as an extra back-up safety measure in preventing your garage from theft or break-ins, is also gaining popularity among home owners to safeguard their loved ones and property.

Just the sight of these strong, all-weather locks on the outside of garage doors can be enough to dissuade even the most determined of thieves. The locks operate with a key, making them almost foolproof.

These locks work along the same lines that dead-bolts on front doors do. They act as a second line of defense and provide the home owner with an added sense of security and peace of mind. Broken Springs.

For a same day appointment or to see if an electronic keypad or lock is best for you, contact Simi Valley Pro Garage Door Repair today.

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